AirSeed Technologies

Combating climate change and biodiversity loss by combining drone technology, artificial and data driven intelligence with our proprietary seed pod biotechnology. Reforestation and re-vegetation that is faster and cheaper than traditional manual planting practices. AirSeed Technologies is an innovative environmental restoration company created to increase carbon sequestration through global scale reforestation. Mapping plays an integral part in analyzing reforestation areas. It provides the necessary base map to analyze plant health, identify site specific plant species and create an optimum planting pattern. Ground Truthing allows image data to be related to real features and materials on the ground and aids the interpretation and analysis of the mapped data. Soil samples are analyzed for present nutrients, minerals and other such elements. Once identified, a soil specific carbon seed pod can then be manufactured. Our patented Seed pods are a low cost, low-impact solution to reforesting native species and provide several supplementary nutrients, minerals and other additions, all of which are necessary for developing seedlings but may not be available in abundance in the soil at a planting location. These unique advantages boost the growth rates of developing seedlings by delivering necessary elements directly to the root systems of the germinated seeds. The data collected is used to drive accurate flight plans that not only fly the drones, but also trigger the carbon seed pod and carbon pellet delivery systems at predefined GPS coordinates. The drone hoppers are loaded with the correct quantity of carbon seed pods for the respective planting area. Then, on command, the drones take off autonomously, flying the pre-programmed flight plan, executing the predefined planting pattern before landing. This automation results in a 25x faster process when compared with traditional manual planting methods. Post planting surveys play a very important part in their workflow. By re-mapping the planted areas after planting have taken place, and using powerful all-in-one-feature-extraction, classification, and change detection solutions that harness artificial intelligence and computer learning algorithms, they can detect change over time, count tree canopies and calculate biomass. This helps to accurately monitor and report growth rates and ultimately the success of the reforestation/re-vegetation project. AirSeed’s seed pod delivery systems are designed to be manufacturer agnostic, with heavy lift drone platforms offering stable GPS flight operations and a worldwide aftermarket network. AirSeed’s specially designed drone Artemis can plant up to 40,000 Seed Pods a day and provides the ability to restore biodiversity at scale. They plant seed pods, not seedlings. AirSeed’s proprietary Seed Pod biotechnology is soil and species specific, nutrient and mineral rich and aids early-stage seedling growth. They help to rehabilitate the soil, increase soil carbon, there is no transplant shock. Nutrient rich pods boost early-stage growth.

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