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Since 1980, IAMOE has led research programs, educational expeditions, and experiential workshops in a tireless effort to protect the rainforest and preserve the interaction between indigenous people and plants for the benefit of humanity and all living creatures on earth. We aim to protect and preserve the ancient knowledge, traditions, and natural habitat of the Amazon by creating experiential learning opportunities for people to connect with themselves, humanity, nature, and spirit through talks, workshops, and projects in collaboration with local indigenous people. Forty years ago, Dr Rocio Alarcon was a dedicated field researcher who studied biodiversity in the rainforest. She (and her colleagues) slept in tents in the middle of the jungle. Despite their enthusiasm for the work they loved so much, they eventually grew tired of the harsh living conditions. They dreamed of buying land where they could establish a functional center from which to live and work. Rocio found a very special piece of land in the forest and negotiated its purchase from the local owner. Together with a group of friends, they purchased the property and transformed the infrastructure into the IAMOE Centre.

It has always been Rocio’s dream to interact with different indigenous tribes and produce data for science. She is fascinated by how tribes survive in the jungle and interact with plants, and recognizes the anthropological value of this information. From the IAMOE Centre, she has initiated and supported many conservation projects and initiatives. To this day, she continues to study the uses of plants in a variety of ways that benefits mankind, and regularly hosts workshops at the Centre to share her knowledge and wisdom with the world.

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